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Why you need professional copywriting


Know what you need to say, but can’t get it into words? This is where professional copywriting comes in. Here’s a quick run down on what copywriting is and why you need it for your business.


Hot tip: Copywrite and copyright are two different things.

While copyright gives the person who created the original work exclusive rights for publishing, copywrite refers to the written words that gets published. Whether it’s a brand name, website content, a catchy Instagram caption, words in a brochure, or a blog like this one, copywrite exists all around you even before you know it.

By definition, copywrite is an act or occupation of writing with a purpose of marketing or other advertising. The product, called copy, is the written content that aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade people or a group to take a particular action.


When put together in the right way, words can be pretty powerful. Sure, clear and consistent copywriting can inform your readers of who you are and what you do, but it also has the power to engage, inspire, and convert avid readers to potential customers.

While many of us struggle to get words onto paper, professional copywriters make your information and tone clear and consistent. At the same time, their written content best optimises google search ranking or SEO.

That way, you got an informative content, a great read, and traffic coming at all fronts from your social media and Google searches.


Don’t know where you can find your professional copywriter? Sketch can help. We work in partnership with professional copywriters from our friends at Wordie.

Holly Williams